HCJ-2L /3M /4M /3H /4H /5H /6H /7H

HCJ-2L /3M /4M /3H /4H /5H /6H /7H

HCJ series manipulator is designed for boilers, pressure vessel,wind power tower welding, etc applications, which can work with our MIG, SAW, TIG welding machines, and other automation systems like rotator, positioner, realize auto welding for girth welding seam and straight welding seam. It has advanced technology, high quality and easy operation advantages.

Product Details & Specification

  • High performance, very suitable for SAW welding of carbon steel, stainless steel. Best replacement for a normal MIG welder.
  • Rotation in 360. For better coordination and use with different workpiece.
  • Replace welding head for SAW, MIG, strip.
  • Electric drive for better control and easy maintenance(Optional).
  • One control box for all systems.
  • Twin and Tandem technology for high-performance solution.
  • X/Y/Z movement for welding circular and for flat welding seam.
  • Special design for internal welding of small diameter pipe.
  • Suitable for internal and external welding.

  • 1 Cross beam.
  • 1 Manual Controller.
  • 1 Control Box.
  • Trolley (Optonal).