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ATIG500F is equipped with a rack as shown in right picture. The frame is the equipped with an electric switchboard. The special design makes the whole system rain proof and dust proof. It is convenient to be transported by cranes, and is ideal for shipyard industry applications. ATIG-500-F includes two welding combinations: Stick and DC TIG, with rated current of 500A. This novel, highly efficient and power saving DC tig welder can be used in carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel, copper, silver, molybdenum and titanium welding applications. It comes with arc timing as well as optional wireless remote control functionalities. 

Product Details & Specification

  • 2 Step/4Step.
  • High Duty Cycle.
  • Digital Display.
  • Soft Switch technology, High efiiciency.
  • Non-Source power factor compensation technology, high PF (Power Factor).
  • Wire/Wireless remote control.
  • Wider range of welding current, easy arc starting due to flexible adjustability of arc starting time.
  • Low open load voltage (22V), Safe and Reliable.
  • Knee point voltage is adjustable, suitable for long-distance and short-distance welding.
  • Adjustable welding parameters for pre-gas flow, arcstart current, up-slope, down-slope.
  • Carbon Steel.
  • Alloy Steel.
  • 3 Power Source.
  • 3 Connected Primary Cable.
  • 3 Welding Cable L=3m with the electrode holder and quick plug.
  • 3 Ground Cable L=3m with quick plug.
  • 3 Tig Torch.